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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

The Best Trending Online Android Games Currently Available in March 2020

The Best Trending Online Android Games Currently Available in March 2020

coin master game

These are one of the best games currently trending on play store you should have a look to know what's trending for March 2020.

There are many types of games currently trending in the play store, so we have thought of getting those best games for you with mix categories that will include a first-person game like role-playing games, racing games, shooting, strategy games, puzzle and much more. There will be something in this blog which will suit you.

Game Dev Tycoon (INR400, $5)

This game first inspired by the fun Game Dev Story, which is worth watching. Game Dev Tycoon has a challenge for you to run this game which was first started in the 1980s and then later they tried to come up with the latest gaming designs and features that will leave you amazing. In this game you need to build a fan base, level up your teams and develops your offices, you will need to research and develop new technologies, then you will have to create the new game engine to play and squeeze the best out of your team if you want to survive in the game and play till the end. So give a try to the bellow Play Store button and download the game and enjoy playing.

Rest in Peaces

Have you ever played Temple Run game, well yes many of them have played, this game Is similar to it keep running in the game and avoid obstacles by using the dodge right or left, but here in this game you have to even swim from the side by side to avoid getting smashed.

This Rest in Peaces game is easy to grasp, but it takes a lot of practice to become a coin master like a significant gamer.

There are many themes and characters in the game you have to play the game and unlock them, the more you play, the more you open the figures and skins, for each of them you will have to fight against medusa, Kraken and Dracula before this is all getting over.

Mini Metro (INR95, $1)

In this Mini Metro game, you can easily create your working subways a complete subway system for a city as you even expand them quickly. This fantastic and stylish smooth puzzle game will look like a simple game in the first place. You can draw lines between the stations and connect each and everything at one place, but make sure that the rando city grows soon as you will unlock new trains, tracks, tunnels carriages and all the other upgrades to build the first metro network station.

In this Mini Metro, there are twenty different cities to build tracks and play the game; there are some new features and modes that you can complete against your other players in a daily challenge and trust me this will keep you coming back again and again to play the game.

Coin Master

This game is one of the fascinating game currently trending worldwide when you download the game you will love it because in this game you will be a Coin Master.

It is way to easy to play download it and start playing if you run short of spins and visit here on this link to claim your daily rewards such as free spins and coins reward and much more, here there are different types of event going on in which you will get more spins and more coins. In contrast, you play and earn, and you can build villages and increase your level in Coin Master Game.

Pirate Kings

Well this Pirate Kings game is way much similar as Coin Master, but it was some different features that you will love it's little complicated to understand, but when you learn it, it's easy as Coin Master Game.

In Pirate Kings you get these different features like attacking with bombs on someone's village and get spins reward, there will be players who will dig and reward you for building the boats and island this is one of the best features in the game. In contrast, you spin the wheel you get more and more rewards for spins and coins isn't get amazing.

Piggy Go

Piggy Go in these game only two or three feature is like Coin Master, and Pirate Kings rest everything is different, but this is also one of the best features in this game. And that's why the game is more adventures and amazing to play; let me explain you something more about the Piggy Go Game.

Here is these game you get a beautiful feature of teleport, what is teleport well this feature helps you to teleport your character on someone else village where you get few spins to play and steal their coins and turns and many more things, when you download the app you will love it.

It's that amazing if you don't trust me. I would like you to give a try on the download button and see what the best features of the game are.

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