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Friday, 6 September 2019

Tips and Tricks For Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

Hello Friends, Today we will be learning some tips and tricks for Coin Master Game.

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As you all know that Coin Master only allows you to send 5 cards per day to anyone maybe your friends or someone who just joined, but do you know there is a trick where you can send more than 5 cards in a day.

1st Tip: If you want to send more than 5 cards in a day, then you just need to change your Mobile/Phones date setting and forward it for 24 hours which means same time but tomorrow's date. (100% Working Trick)

Ever wondered why you are not getting Rare Cards easily after spending billions of coins for opening too many chests still don't get the Rare Card, well here is the trick to get Rare Card easily.

There are many groups on Facebook for Coin Master, and there are people who give the Rare Card for Free and some charges. Please don't pay for any cards as they won't give you those Rare Card they will just take your Money and Block you.

2nd Tip: Once you get the Rare Card from anyone then simply use this trick, try opening each chest 5 times like Wooden Chest open it for 5 times, then Golden and then Magical Chest follow the 5 times open you will definitely get the New and the Rare Card easily. (Make sure you buy once or twice on the same village, once the village is completed try again.)

Everyone knows that feeding you Pet Food it will be awake for hours but most of them don't know that they can pause the timer when they are not playing or don't want to play. (Follow the trick it works 100% Tested) 

3rd Tip: After feeding the pet and playing the game your spins are over or you want to play later just open the pet and select the different pet who you didn't feed, the one who you feeded the food his timer will be stopped until you don't select them back.

Everyone wants to complete the event and want more spins and coins from the event here I have a trick that can complete your event faster

4th Tip: If you have good amount of spins and Super Bet in Enabled then I recommend keeping the bet x5 and use it, you will get more Attack and Raid while using below x5 you won't get that much Attack & Raid.

Let me know in Comment if this trick works for you.

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